The majority of people who are successful in property, business and life in general speak of the importance of mindset. And in the current climate, perhaps more than ever there’s a need to maintain a positive frame of mind as much as possible.

We asked the members of The Property Thing network group in Darlington to share their hints, tips and general nuggets on how they look after their mental health and keep on pushing forward. If you would like to join this great group you can find them on Facebook.

Mel Firth

“Make sure your ‘Why’ is massive… If you’re lacking motivation and discipline during the pandemic, then it’s probably because your ‘Why’ just ain’t big enough.”

Alan Hopkinson

“I have seven golden rules: meditation, blocking out time into 1-hour slots, goal setting, exercise, key performance indicators, reading (and I’m including listening to podcasts here) and, obviously, curry :)” 

Rachel Tasker

“Follow Mel Robbin’s 5 Second Rule… No-one else is going to sort your sh*t out, so get up and sort it yourself!”

Paul Reade

“Focus on yourself first: exercise, meditation, journaling. Then LIGHTS-bulb moment. CAMERA-focused target. ACTION – to get results. Also, have fun along the way, the journey is more important than the result! Everyone’s rainbows and goals are different so no comparing!”

Sarah Burgess

“I remind myself that bad times don’t last. The rollercoaster of property and being an entrepreneur has ups and downs but it helps to step back, see the bigger picture and put things into perspective.”

Daniel Salvato

“What works for me is being super positive and talking. Don’t get involved with negative people. Don’t ignore emails and phone calls; if they build up they can cause stress. I complete all tasks, no matter how hard, straightaway. Spend time with family. I try to be in bed by 11pm and stay off my phone. Pamper yourself – you’ll feel better. Help others: when I do this I feel brilliant, stress is reduced and I sleep better!” 

Anthony Boyce

“I meditate for ten minutes every day, but the sun helps too!”

Jonathan Reynolds 

“Stay around positive people as much as possible – those people who want you to succeed and want the best for you. Do regular exercise and talk to others.”

Andy Binns

“Meditate to calm the mind. Limit negative thoughts – your subconscious mind will soak it all in. Walk in nature; get fresh air and sun – it’s a great stress detox. Avoid processed foods and sugar – they will cloud the mind. Breathe from the diaphragm to lower blood pressure, heart rate and the stress hormone cortisol. Take a cold shower to increase circulation, reduce brain fog and send shock waves of the happy hormone endorphins to the brain. Get a good night’s sleep to reduce cortisol and to help with concentration. Be grateful for what you have right now. Help others and be kind; it will give you a great boost.”

Jeremy Smith

“Those who rest on their laurels find themselves sitting on a thorn bush”

Paul Tinker

“Fear cannot exist in the present, it can only exist if you look at the future (‘what if…’) or the past (‘remember when…’). Being present will remove fear: focus on the moment and nothing else when you feel it. If the thing you think you fear becomes a reality then it’s in the present for you to deal with. Because it’s present – there’s no fear.” 

Paul Million

“I compartmentalise my time. I use my own version of The Pomodoro Technique to ‘Keep the main thing the main thing.’ When you achieve a task it gives you a shot of dopamine (chuffedness) and energises you. Inch by inch life’s a cinch. I recite my goals daily. I meditate with Joe Dispenza techniques. I create lots of notes, it feels great to sit and organise them. It’s then TIME to take action”